مـــاوراء شعـــر و موسیــقی - ...
مـــاوراء شعـــر و موسیــقی

You're born, raised and then torn down, 
to look a little more like, everyone you meet, 
And everyday that goes by, 
you look a little less like who you used to be. 

I don't mind the people staring, 
'cause I know they never see me anyway, 
In these days, all the worlds the stage, 
And everyone one just wants to be the star. 
This is all too heavy, 
If you believe in your self, 
But no one can hurt you with out your consent, 
And I am not giving in. 
I'm not giving in 
and I'm not giving in

[ پنجشنبه 10 اردیبهشت 1394 ] [ 08:14 ب.ظ ] [ maryam ] نظرات